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A Comprehensive Guide to Body Treatments

Skin conditions don’t only affect our face. There are multiple skin conditions which affect different body parts and can move around the body. Those suffering often alter their clothing to hide and camouflage the affected area, however in the Summer months, these conditions can cause greater distress and be restrictive in what clothes are worn or cause social anxiety.


Skin conditions such as acne can often affect the chest and back. If left untreated, acne can lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation (red marks) and scarring. Acne does not only affect people in their teens, it can continue into adulthood.


Treatments such as medical skincare like ZO Skin Health and LED light therapy has been proven to help control surface oil, remove excess cells which clog pores and reduce bacteria which all contribute to acne.


Once acne is controlled, treatments such as skin microneedling using FDA approved SkinPen microneedling device can help stimulate the skin to repair, eliminating red marks and scarring.


Other skin conditions such as psoriasis can affect multiple areas of the body and where it is visible, e.g. face, legs and arms it can have a greater psychological and emotional impact on a person suffering.


The management with topical applications can be difficult but LED light therapy is a proven way to help control and prevent psoriasis and outbreaks.

Skin microneedling is a treatment which is great for any type of skin scarring. Whether you have scars from previous surgery, e.g knee replacement surgery, hysterectomy, c-section, shoulder or back surgery microneedling creates skin inflammation which triggers the area into repair mode. As new cells are made, the scarring begins to soften and disappear. It is also a treatment which can be used to soften the signs of stretch marks whether it’s caused by pregnancy or weight gain.


Excessive sweating treatments can be life-changing for those who suffer. Often people who suffer from medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating are limited with the colour and types of fabric that they wear to try and prevent the visible signs.


More commonly, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a complaint in the under-arm/armpit area, however some suffer from sweaty hands and foot sweating, which can lead to social anxiety and avoidance. Often patients manage this with carrying a handkerchief or wipe their hands on clothing prior to handshaking, but there are options available to treat these conditions.


Anti-sweating treatments include the use of botulinum toxin treatments, more commonly referred to as Botox®. Botox® is a misused term as it is a brand name which is similar to others such as Azzalure or Bocouture.

Small injections into the affected area, e.g. armpits, hands or soles of feet decreases sweat production. Results typically last up to 6 months.

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