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Softening the signs of ageing, whilst creating balance and harmony of your facial features.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Face Treatments

Whether you are self-conscious of a particular facial feature, or you have become aware of certain features changing with age – non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments may offer a solution before considering a more invasive, surgical alternative.


With age, our skin becomes dull, dry and lines and wrinkles develop around areas of frequent movement, e.g. frown, forehead, crow’s feet, smile lines, nasolabial and marionette lines.


We also lose volume, mainly around the midface and cheek area which leads to the excess skin becoming unsupported and appears to fall and slide down the face emphasising and deepening other lines such as the nose to mouth line (nasolabial crease) and marionette lines (mouth to chin lines).


As we age further and we lose more support to the midface and also in the lower face and jowls begin to form. The sagging skin around the jaw and chin means we lose definition to the jawline in addition to our other key facial features, e.g. cheekbones and lips.


To give you the best anti-ageing results, we often start by looking at the quality of your skin. If we can improve your skin quality and elasticity through tailored, specific, medical skincare such as ZO Skin Health or stimulate your skin using skin rejuvenation treatments such as SkinPen microneedling or LED light therapy then we are softening and preventing the signs of ageing.


In the upper face in areas of frequent movement, frown lines (commonly termed ’11’ lines), forehead lines and crows feet develop. Anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxing injections using botulinum toxin may be considered to prevent excessive use of those particular muscles. This is a product which is a prescription only medicine (POM) and therefore a consultation prior to treatment is required.


‘Botox® treatments’ which the public commonly refers to, prevent excessive muscle movement. These treatments differ from dermal fillers as they do not fill lines and wrinkles. Fillers are often avoided in the frown and forehead area due to the risks associated if injected near a blood vessel. Botox® is actually a brand name and other commonly used brands include Azzalure and Bocouture.

One of the commonest complaints from females over the age of 40 is that they feel their eyes are heavy, their eyelids and brows are sagging, or they constantly look tired or have eyebags. Botulinum treatments or Botox® treatments can be used to help lift the eyebrow and eyelid, creating a brow lift.


Patients who start to notice deepening of the nasolabial (nose to mouth) and marionette lines (mouth to chin) need dermal filler treatments to their cheeks initially. As previously mentioned, it is often the midface which becomes unsupported and falls onto these creases, causing deepening. By re-supporting the midface and cheek area with cheek fillers, it almost has a tenting effect.


Additional treatments may also be required if a jowl still exists after carrying out cheek fillers and this may also involve dermal fillers to the chin and jaw to re-create definition to the jawline which we associate with youth.


Once we have re-supported the midface and cheek area, re-contoured the facial features such as the cheeks and cheekbone, jawline and chin and shape to the lips we have re-created a more youthful, supported face, with definition, balance and elegance not only when looking from the front but also from the side profile.


The lower facial muscles can get stronger with age which pulls the side of the mouth downwards making us look sad, emphasising the marionette lines whilst other muscles pull upwards causing chin creases and a dimpled or ‘orange peel’ chin. Muscle relaxing injections or anti-wrinkle using botulinum toxin (Botox®) can help counteract this excessive muscle activity.


At facesthetics we want you to look and feel your best. We will not give results which are unnatural; we want you to be the best for your age without making you look over-treated or ‘done’. The best compliment we want for you is that when you walk out of the clinic your friends and family comment that “You look really well” and are unaware of what treatments you may or may not have had done!

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