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A Comprehensive Guide to Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are the lines which start at your nose and extend to the corner of your mouth. They are the lines which form when smiling and often referred to as laughter or smile lines.


Often laughter lines will start developing in your 20s. These lines develop due to frequent movement when talking, smiling and laughing. Like any crease, it will deepen over time as our skin’s elasticity reduces with collagen and elastin levels depleting.


Improving the condition of the skin through ZO Skin Health skincare and rejuvenation treatments such as SkinPen micrnoneedling can both stimulate new collagen and elastin. This is a great first-line treatment to ensure we are optimizing what you have naturally before looking at injectable treatments.


Fillers are a commonly used treatment option to soften and smooth nasolabial lines. However, when you notice the nasolabial crease becoming deeper, it is often due to the cheeks losing volume. The un-supported, saggy skin from the cheeks then falls down the face, deepening the nasolabial line.

In inexperienced hands, the incorrect treatment may be carried out. It is important when you seek a practitioner that you also look at their qualifications and experience. What your concerns are, isn’t always the area which needs treatment. It is important that your practitioner assesses your whole face and not just your principal complaint. Think of it like filling a crack on a wall when the house is built on unsteady foundations.


On some occasions, if there is good volume in the cheek and mid-face then usings fillers to soften the nasolabial crease maybe the treatment needed. However, if you have lost volume in the cheek area and your cheeks look flat and the practitioner places filler in the nasolabial crease then you run the risk of losing shape and definition to the face and begin to look feline!


Commonly used fillers include brands such as Restylane, Juvederm and Teoxane. They have a range of fillers suitable for different areas of the face and your specific requirements. Filler treatments to the nasolabial fold is commonly carried out using a cannula rather than a needle to reduce the risk of bruising and complications.

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