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Skincare and skin rejuvenation treatments for skin conditions and anti-ageing.

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Targeting skin problems such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation, in addition to anti-ageing treatments to give you a brighter, smoother skin tone and texture – available at our Wakefield clinic.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Skin Conditions and Treatments

Who doesn’t want gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin?


When we look at a baby’s skin, I think we all have an element of jealousy that their skin is smooth, firm yet soft and even in colour and texture – this is exactly what healthy skin is, and what we all strive to have!


In our teens our hormone levels increase and often with this, so does oil (sebum) production. People who suffer from acne have increased production of oil (sebum), or skin cells which then block the pores leading to breakouts and spots. Acne, whether mild, moderate or severe, is very difficult to hide and camouflage.


If acne is left untreated, it can lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation (red spots in the affected area) which makes the skin look uneven in tone as well as scarring, giving the skin an uneven texture. Not only is acne noticeable physically, but mentally and emotionally, it can lead to those suffering being self-conscious and having low self-esteem.


Acne treatments need to be specific to you and the severity of the condition. ZO Skin Health is a medically and scientifically based skincare which we can use to treat your acne. The products can be adjusted and tailored to control the surface oil and remove dead skin cells clogging and blocking the pores. In addition to skincare, we can look at LED light therapy to also help clear your complexion.


Once your acne is under control we can treat areas of post-inflammatory pigmentation (red spots) and scarring with SkinPen microneedling which will help even your skin tone and texture.


Rosacea is another skin condition which leads to redness and flushing of the face and neck. It often gets worse with age and can lead to visible blood vessels and capillaries in the affected area e.g. nose, cheeks etc. It more commonly affects women over the age of 30 and there does appear to be a genetic link, however the true cause of rosacea is unknown.


Although rosacea can’t be cured, we can control and prevent it from getting worse. Identifying triggers of rosacea e.g. spicy food, sun exposure, alcohol etc and using appropriate medical based, professional skincare products to help reduce inflammation and redness. ZO Skin Health has a great product range which enables us to control the amount of surface oil, reduce pore size and number and reduce inflammation and redness.


One of the commonest complaints from patients in their 40-50s is that they are aware of areas of pigmentation. There are multiple causes of skin pigmentation and a variety of diagnoses.


Skin pigmentation caused by sun damage e.g. sun exposure, sunbathing or a history of sunbed use can cause sunspots which often get darker when your skin is re-exposed to the sun. Sunspots we can often use SkinPen microneedling to stimulate new melanocytes (cells which produce melanin, skin colour) and remove the misfiring cells causing the pigmentation. Skincare can also be tailored for pigmentation, and ZO Skin Health has a variety of products which will prevent further pigmentation and also treat skin pigmentation.


Other pigmentation conditions such as melasma may need a combination of treatments using both skincare products, rejuvenation treatments and skin peels.

After the age of 30, I think we all become increasingly conscious of the ageing process. Genetics play a vital role in how we age, as well as lifestyle. Unfortunately, we can’t control our genetics, but we can make choices about our lifestyle and how we prevent ageing and optimise what we have.


With age, our face loses fat and some of our facial bones shrink – to counteract this injectable or surgical treatment are our only options.


As we age our skin often looks dull, dry and rough in texture. Fine lines and wrinkles will develop and over time will deepen. This is because our skin like everything else with age – slows down!


Our skin cells don’t get replaced as often as our cell cycle slows down. This leads to less collagen and elastin being produced, and it’s these key components which are responsible for how elastic the skin is and its ability to return to a wrinkle-free state after movement.


Using skincare which is specific to your skin is crucial. Often over the counter products aren’t tailored for your skin, nor your concerns. They also aren’t often formulated to be able to deliver what your skin needs and to the correct skin depth.


Your skin and skin concerns are always changing; you don’t wear the same fashion in your 20s as you do in your 50s – so why would you use the same skin products?


The key to anti-ageing skincare and rejuvenation treatments is that it exfoliates and stimulates.


Exfoliate –  to remove the dead surface cells which are sat on the skin’s surface giving a dry, rough, uneven skin tone and texture. Removing these cells will encourage new, healthier cells which will give a brighter, more youthful appearance.


Stimulate – new collagen and elastin which smooths fine lines and wrinkles.  Products which do this will only be able to work if we have already removed dead cells sat on the surface of the skin,  controlled the surface oil and reduced pore size and number enabling the key products to penetrate.


Anti-ageing skincare products such as Vitamin C , Retinol and Retinoic Acid are often seen in over the counter products. However, the way that these vital components are stored i.e. their packaging, how they are delivered i.e. the science behind the product and the preparation and products used specific for your skin type before their use is crucial if they are going to have an effect.


If you’re wanting skincare results – ZO Skin Health has a variety of products which we can tailor for your skincare needs. Whether you want a brighter, smoother complexion from your day to day skincare or whether you want to treat a specific condition or skin complaint, e.g. acne, rosacea, pigmentation or anti-ageing. ZO Skin Health and rejuvenation treatments such as SkinPen Micrnoeedling and LED light therapy can help.


Once we have got your skin/foundations as strong and as healthy as we can, you may wish to consider other treatment options to replace lost volume, balance your facial proportions or create definition and shape.


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