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ZO Stimulator Peel

A perfect ‘red carpet’ peel with little downtime.  A great introduction to ZO Skin Health products or an additional skin boost to those patients already using ZO skincare.


SkinPen Microneedling

A collagen inducing skin rejuvenation treatment.  Treatments can target fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks and body scars.

from £250

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Soften established lines and wrinkles whilst preventing them developing and deepening

£160 one area


£210 two areas


£280 three areas


£300 four areas

Gummy Smile Treatment

To relax hyperactive lip muscles which show excessive gum when smiling.

from £160

Muscle Relaxing Injections

To relax overactive muscles associated with tooth grinding (bruxism) and clenching.

from £310

Excessive Sweating Treatments

Treatments available to treat underarms, hands and feet.

from £400

Lip Fillers

Balancing your lip proportions, creating symmetry, definition and shape.  They can also be used to soften the upper lip/smokers lines.

from £300

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Fillers to strengthen the skin which frequently folds in the lower face including the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

from £300

Cheek Fillers

Replace the lost volume in the mid-face which contributes to deepening of the nasolabial folds and the development of marionette lines.  We can also use them to create definition to your cheekbones when contouring your facial structures.

from £400

Jaw & Chin Fillers

Create definition and shape when contouring your facial structures.  They can also soften the appearance of jowls which interrupt the jawline.

from £400

Tear Trough Fillers

Removing the dark under-eye circles which often cause a tired appearance.

from £400

Non Surgical Facelift

Replacing the lost volume which occurs with age, re-supporting the skin and creating definition and balance to the facial features.

from £850


Facesthetics is an aesthetic, medical clinic run by medical professionals in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

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