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A skin rejuvenation treatment which stimulates collagen production.

Facesthetics SkinPen Microneedling

Skin Microneedling

Stimulates new collagen, while reducing pigmentation and scarring.  Results give a fresher, brighter, more youthful appearance. 

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Consultation required

Yes, with one of our medical professionals.  Book Now

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Treatment length

Microneedling treatment would usually last 30 minutes per session

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Anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before to ensure there is no discomfort.

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Treatment results

Patients should see an improvement 4-6 weeks after microneedling treatment

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Results last

Results can last up to 300 days after the microneedling procedure

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Micrnoeedling prices from £250.

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Treatment areas

Microneedling can be used across the face, neck and parts of the body with scarring.

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Other treatments

PRP with SkinPen Microneedling.  ZO Skin Health.  LED Light Therapy.

A Comprehensive Guide to SkinPen Microneedling

Skin needling, microneedling and dermarollers all create microtrauma to the skin to stimulate collagen production. Microneedling pen devices such as SkinPen are an advanced and sophisticated method of treatment which enables the practitioner to have control over the depth of skin penetration and speed depending upon the desired results. 

With age, our cells become sluggish, which leads to dead cells sitting on the skin’s surface, giving a dull appearance. 

Microneedling creates microtrauma to the skin to stimulate a healing process.  As new cells are produced, old cells which give a dull and rough appearance are shed leading to a dewy, smoother and more youthful appearance. 

Skin needling can help reduce areas of pigmentation, which is often due to pigment cells (melanocytes) misfiring.  Microneedling stimulates new cells to replace those misfiring.

As an anti-ageing treatment microneedling will even the skin tone by removing pigmentation, remove dead cells and give a brighter appearance while also stimulating new collagen and elastin which slows with age.  It means that lines and wrinkles will soften, but with repeat treatments, it will also prevent the development of new lines and wrinkles.

Scars, whether they are acne scars, from facial trauma or elsewhere on the body, can also be treated with microneedling.  Again when we induce mild trauma, we stimulate the healing process which to softening of scars and redness associated with blemishes.

SkinPen Microneedling Before & After Photos