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Facesthetics was established by medics as it became apparent that ‘natural beauty’ was starting to become ‘ unnatural’ and younger patients influenced by social media were starting to look more ‘done’ than older patients.


Facesthetics is a company where aesthetics is carried out by medics within a safe, clinical environment giving subtle enhancements to give you natural results.


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As medics, we have extensive knowledge about your anatomy and physiology.  We are experienced with carrying out intricate, delicate procedures and restoring what nature gave us.


We are also familiar with assessing patients facial proportions to ensure balance and symmetry.  Symmetry is one of the key assessments of beauty; if something appears symmetrical, then our eyes are not drawn to one thing in particular.

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HTML tutorialHelen Davison 

facesthetics director & dentist

After qualifying as a dentist from The University of Sheffield in 2010, it probably comes as no surprise to my friends and family (who endured countless years of facials whilst growing up) that my career has followed and aesthetics pathway!


In my early years of aesthetics training, I had been on the receiving end of an aesthetics complication which made me question whether this was the career I wanted to pursue.  However, I soon realised that the distress I endured was something I never wanted a patient of mine to suffer with which has driven my training since that time.


I have attended multiple courses to learn different techniques of the same procedure to ensure I can adapt to different patient needs.  I have attended courses to prevent, manage and reverse potential risks, heightened my knowledge with intense anatomy and physiology training whilst also learning new less invasive techniques.


As a dentist and having in-depth knowledge about your facial anatomy and physiology I can not stress the importance of seeing a medical professional for aesthetic treatments especially those using needles.


Facial symmetry and proportion is the key to natural beauty and without the knowledge, the results can be devastating!


Helen Davison facesthetics director dentist

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