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Restoring skin health, using products specific for you.

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ZO Skin Health

A professional, medical skincare brand which gets your skin stronger, healthier and brighter.  Suitable for all skin types and conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing.

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Consultation required

Yes – Book Now

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Treatment time

Varied depending upon your needs

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Treatment results

From 6 weeks

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Results last

Dependant upon maintenance

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Treatment areas


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Other treatments

LED Light Therapy.  SkinPen Microneedling.  Anti-Wrinkle Treatments.  Dermal Filler Treatments.  Non-Surgical Facelift.

ZO Skin Health A Comprehensive Guide

ZO Skin Health differs from other over the counter products because it is prescriptive to you and your skin needs.


Whether you are looking for skincare to improve a skin condition or daily care which gives results – ZO has products which have the latest advances in skin therapy technologies and unique delivery systems to provide you with healthy, glowing skin.

With age, we lose that dewy, smooth, even skin tone that we associate with a baby’s skin.  This is because our cell cycle slows down, dead skin cells sit on the surface making our skin feel dry and contributing to an uneven texture which doesn’t reflect light giving a dull appearance.

ZO Skin Health encourages your cell cycle to become more regular through effectively cleaning your skin to remove surface debris and oil, regular exfoliation to remove dead surface cells, oil control to prevent skin problems and encourage product penetration to feed new cells. The final step of any skincare should always be an SPF to prevent skin damage – this needs to protect your skin from UVA, UVB and HEV (high energy visible light) from TV, computer and phone screens.

Problematic skin such as acne and rosacea can also be targeted with ZO Skin Health products and often avoids the need for antibiotics. Following a consultation with one of our medics we can formulate a skincare treatment plan to address, prevent and control your skin problems.

It is true that “prevention is better than cure” however, when it comes to ageing it is impossible to cure the ageing process. Research has shown that there are vital products which help prevent ageing such as retinol (vitamin A) and Vitamin C but what differs from over the counter products to professional skincare is the method of delivery and the importance of preparatory steps before use.


Retinol, when delivered effectively to the skin helps stimulate new cells and prevent the breakdown of collagen. Vitamin C helps prevent damage causing pigmentation, while also stimulating new collagen production. Retinol and Vitamin C when used in combination can reverse some of the signs of ageing – the delivery of these products to your skin is crucial in their effectiveness. 

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