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An innovative treatment to tackle the signs of ageing.

Facesthetics Non Surgical Facelift

Non Surgical Facelift

 With age there are multiple changes which contribute to us looking sad, having tired eyes or dull skin.  Often this is due to volume loss and losing definition to our facial features.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

60 minutes

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Topical cream 20 minutes before

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Treatment results


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Results last

12-18 months

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Treatment areas

Full face

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Other treatments

Skincare.  SkinPen Microneedling.  Dermal Fillers.  Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Non Surgical Facelift A Comprehensive Guide

Gone are the days of having a surgical facelift as the only treatment available to treat an ageing face.


Nowadays we talk about the art of makeup being able to contour our face to give the illusion of light falling onto those facial features which we associate with youth – a non-surgical facelift aims to do the same.

A non-surgical facelift focuses on facial features which are prone to volume loss and lead to us looking gaunt, flat or lacking definition and shape.  


The temples can lose volume causing temple hollows.  We can use fillers to re-volumise this area and eliminate the shadows which often develop.  

The cheeks become deflated and flat with age as we lose the definition of the cheek bone.  Similar to an unsupported tent, the excess tissue then starts to fall onto the lower face causing deepening of the nose to mouth (nasolabial) and mouth to chin lines (marionette).  

By replacing the lost volume in the cheeks, we support the skin giving shape back to the face while also softening the heaviness of lines developing in the lower face.


The upper jaw bone shrinks with age which also contributes to the nose to mouth line (nasolabial) deepening and the lips looking flatter.  Again we can soften this line by replacing the lost volume and reducing the shadows which begin to develop. 

Jawline definition begins to deteriorate as jowls form from the unsupported skin in the midface falling.  This can be re-supported with cheek fillers but also using some filler around the jawline itself to re-established definition and shape to the face.

Non Surgical Facelift Before & After Photos