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Reduce sweating from hands, feet and under arms.

Facesthetics Excessive Sweating Treatments

Excessive Sweating Treatments

Sweating can be embarrassing and restrict you wearing specific clothing or colours.   Treatments to reduce sweating can be life-changing to those who suffer.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

30 minutes

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Treatment results

5-14 days

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Results last

4-6 months

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Treatment areas

Armpits.  Hands.  Feet.

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Other treatments 

Excessive Sweating A Comprehensive Guide

Despite sweating being a usual way for our body to cool itself, it is also embarrassing when you suffer daily from it.

Underarm sweating can lead to you avoiding wearing specific clothing or having to wear additional clothing to hide it.  It may also limit what colour of clothing you wear to try and hide sweat patches. 

Sweating on the hands can be embarrassing if you are having to meet others in a business capacity and have to wipe your hands before engaging in any contact.

Treatments with small, dilute doses of botulinum toxin prevent sweating and can be life-changing to those who suffer. 

By treating the underarm area, you may no longer be restricted to specific clothing or colours while treatments to the hands may mean you won’t have to reach for a handkerchief continually.