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Fillers can be used to strengthen these area’s of weakness without adding volume.

Facesthetics Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Fine Line and Wrinkles

These often develop around areas which frequently move, e.g. mouth and cheeks. With age, the elasticity of the skin reduces and these points of weakness will inevitably deepen – like a crease in a shoe.  We can use fillers to strengthen and reinforce these areas of weakness.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

30 minutes

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A topical anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before the procedure to ensure no discomfort.

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Treatment results


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Treatments last

6-18 months

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Treatment areas

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face

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Other treatments to consider

Skincare.  SkinPen Micrnoeedling.  Cheek Fillers.  Jaw and Chin Fillers.  Non-Surgical Facelift

Fine Line and Wrinkle Treatments A Comprehensive Guide

Your skin as a child is like a new leather boot -smooth, shiny and even in colour.  With wear, the boot creases and overtime that crease will become deeper and smaller lines will develop around it.  Skin is the same.

The skin creases where it needs to fold for facial expressions and similar to the boots being left to rest in a hallway, our skin also starts to retain those creases as our collagen and elastin levels reduce.

Fillers can strengthen the creases developing an almost mesh framework beneath the skin and support the point of weakness.  We do this by using minimal amounts of filler and in doing so also stimulate your own body to start producing more collagen.

A treatment to consider for fine lines and wrinkles that develop from your smile line – what we like to call the ‘ripple’ effect.

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