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Define the lip border, create balance and proportion and soften upper lip, smokers lines.

Facesthetics Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

 Can be used to create definition and shape but also improve your side profile.  They can also soften upper lip lines where there has been volume loss with age.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

30 minutes

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Anaesthetic cream +/- injected local anaesthetic to ensure no pain is experienced.

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Treatment results


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Results last

6-18 months

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Treatment areas

Lip border, lip body, upper lip lines and philtrum (lines from the nose to the cupids bow of the lip).

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Other treatments

SkinPen Micrnoeedling.  Muscle Relaxing Injections for gummy smiles

Lip Fillers A Comprehensive Guide

Facesthetics will not deliver treatment results which are out of proportion to your facial features or result in a ‘trout pout’ or ‘duck lips’.

Whether you feel that you have small lips, your lips are unbalanced when comparing the proportion of the upper lip to the lower or that there is asymmetry – lip fillers may offer a solution to enhance and balance. 

With age, the lip border loses its definition, and lip volume reduces, which leads to smaller lips lacking shape and definition. Patients will often ask about what can be done for upper lip lines or what we term smokers lines, but are often reluctant to embrace lip filler treatments initially due to the negative connotation that the media has portrayed this treatment being.


If you imagine your lips like a tent, with age that tent starts to collapse and the fabric folds and creases. It loses shape and a crisp edge – this is precisely what happens to your lips.  

We can use fillers along the edge of the lip to create a crisp border which attracts and reflects light creating shape to the lips. We can also use filler along the philtrum (two lines from the cupids bow in the middle of the upper lip to the nose) which again attracts light, creates shape and definition but more importantly encourages the sexy dip of cupids bow back, while also enhancing your side profile – have you noticed we haven’t even mentioned volume yet and I bet that’s all you thought lip fillers did!

We can then use fillers to add volume to the lip body and depending upon your ethnicity, and what you have naturally, we ensure that this is proportionate with what should be there. 


As medics, we are aware of what natural anatomy should be like, and we are familiar with facial proportions in addition to assessing our patients from the front and side profile.


Filler treatments give results immediately. However, due to the nature of the procedure, there is often some swelling associated. Where possible, we try to carry out the majority of the treatment with a cannula (blunt-ended instrument) as this causes less trauma and therefore reduces the risk of swelling and bruising. 

Lip Fillers Before & After Photos