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Replace lost volume, shape to the cheek bone and soften nasolabial and marionette lines.

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Cheek Fillers

With age, we lose volume in the mid-face and the surplus skin starts to fall onto the lower face deepening lines and wrinkles.  Cheek fillers can replace this lost volume and re-support the skin whilst also providing definition to the cheek bones.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

30 minutes

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Treatment results


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Results last

12+ months

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Treatment areas

Cheek and cheekbones

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Cheek Fillers A Comprehensive Guide

Patients often present wanting fillers to treat their nose to mouth lines (nasolabial) or mouth to chin lines (marionette).  However, it is important that a consultation to discuss your concerns is carried out to ensure that what you are conscious of, is what requires treatment. 

Deepening of the nose to mouth (nasolabial) and mouth to chin (marionette) lines is often due to a combination of problems caused by ageing.  With age, we lose fat and volume in the midface/cheek which leads to the skin becoming unsupported (like a tent) and the excess skin sliding down the face.  This leads to deepening of these lines and eventually jowls forming.

By re-supporting the skin where there has been volume loss i.e the cheeks it will soften developing lines and creases below it.

Often with cheek fillers we will treat the ‘apple’ of the cheek where you would commonly highlight with blusher, but also create definition to the cheekbone to encourage light to highlight these key facial features.

When we consider cheek fillers as an anti-ageing treatment it is important we consider the quality of your skin and the strength of the lower face muscles.  By optimising your skin quality with skincare and rejuvenation treatments we are ensuring that you have strong, healthy foundations to build upon. 


Muscle relaxing injections may also be a consideration to relax some of the lower face muscles which strengthen with age and pull the midface down and risk compromising the optimal results.