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Create definition and shape to your jawline and soften the appearance of jowls.

Facesthetics Jaw Chin and Jowl Fillers

Jaw, Chin and Jowl Fillers

We can sculpt the jawline and chin to enhance and balance your profile whilst also correcting any naturally occurring asymmetries.  With age, jowls form and jawline fillers can help soften their appearance.

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Consultation required

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Treatment length

30-60 minutes

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A topical anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before the procedure to ensure no discomfort.

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Treatment results


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Results last

12+ months

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Treatment areas

Angle of the jaw, length of jaw and chin.

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Other treatments 

Cheek Fillers.

Jaw, Chin and Jowl Fillers A Comprehensive Guide

Chin and jawline fillers appeal to three main groups of patients;


  1. Those wanting a sculpted look, with sharper jaw angles and definition.
  2. Those who feel their facial proportions or profile are out of balance.
  3. Those who with age have developed jowls.

Historically there have been few non-surgical treatment options available for the lower face. This has resulted in patients either having to accept their dislikes or opt for invasive surgical procedures.  Nowadays there are several filler treatments available which can define, sculpt, balance, enhance and camouflage those features which you may be conscious.

Jawline fillers can help create sharper angles to the face, which we often associate with muscular physiques or a youthful model look. With age as we lose fat around the midface and excess skin falls onto the lower face and jowls develop. Fillers can be used along the jawline to soften the appearance of jowls to give back that youthful look, but we do also have to consider filler treatments to the cheeks to support the excess skin which has fallen and caused the development of jowls. 

Filler treatments to the chin and jawline can help camouflage a small, set back or retruded chin to help balance your facial profile. They can also be used to lengthen short chins, sculpt a more angular, masculine look, or soften to create a feminine heart-shaped face. In the past surgical options such as a genioplasty would have been the only option available to treat the chin.


Treatments using filler have little downtime, and the results are immediate, meaning patients no longer have surgery as their only option.

As medics, we are familiar with facial proportions, angles and projections. There are specialities which treat those who fall outside of the average facial proportions, e.g. orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons. However, their treatments are often lengthy, invasive, non-reversible and aren’t suitable, nor desired by all.