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Lip fillers can enhance volume and muscle relaxing treatments to prevent excessive movement.

Facesthetics Gummy Smile Treatments

Gummy Smile Treatments

Patients seek this treatment if they feel that they show too much gum when smiling, their smile may be asymmetric or may be conscious of spaces developing between the teeth if they suffer from periodontal/gum disease.

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Consultaton required

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Treatment length

20 minutes

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Treatment results

5-14 days

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Results last

3-6 months

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Treatment areas

Upper lip

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Other treatments 

Lip Fillers.

Gummy Smile Treatments A Comprehensive Guide

Muscle relaxing injections to the lip muscles can help relax overactive muscles which jump to show excess gum when smiling.  Gummy smiles can make people self-conscious, insecure and avoid having photos taken.  They may try to manage it by covering their mouth when smiling or just not smiling at all!

Others may find that their smile isn’t symmetrical and one side of the upper lip may jump up more than the other.  Again muscle relaxing injections can be used to try and balance this making the smile more symmetrical.

Periodontal disease is a disease which can lead to your gums shrinking or receding from the teeth leading to large spaces developing between the teeth.  The aesthetic management of this 

is difficult from a dental perspective and patients are often torn whether they opt to remove some of their teeth to improve the aesthetics or live with what they have but be self-conscious of the appearance.  Again we can use muscle relaxing injections to soften the lip movement to prevent the lip jumping and showing the developing spaces between the teeth or what we call ‘black triangles’

Lip filler treatments may also be considered to enhance lip volume where it may be lacking or to plump those areas of the lip which oven roll inwards and upwards when smiling.

Gummy Smile Treatment Before & After Photos